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DRUID Package (4-6 person)

DRUID Package (4-6 person)

I custom build everything by hand and with basic hand tools. I dont use huge commercial or industrial tools. I create a very unique, and extremely rustic, one of a kind, and multi functional gaming table which can be used for family dinners as well as an epic adventure campaigns.

- TV (size varies depending on table size),
- POWER OUTLETS(2-5), add more if needed
- Cup holders stainless steal (upgrade to hidden sliding cup holders is optional),
- H-STYLE Legs for durable long lasting stability. (Farmhouse style legs with storage availible upon request with upgrade)
- DM Center is roughly 18" x 48" and can be engraved with DM name is Elvish or Dwarvish script. 

-Hidden sliding stainless steal cup holders
-LED lights
-added power outlets to table
-Wireless charging pads
-DM CENTER specialized
-Farmhouse style table legs with underneath table storage
-Engraving personal DM name into table
-Epoxy resin with any color


    I custom build everythi